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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I promised, I promised myself, no matter what… the next post cannot be about Russia, too. It is well and proper that our Pundit, no matter how he may fawn over another country, should not ignore affairs in his own.

Even better than a pure play United States post, however, is a tie-in featuring the two nations together, and that happens to be doubly possible at the present.

First, let us go to Alaska! Have you seen the great petition which has garnered almost 40,000 signatures on the White House petition site? Alaska back to Russia! Though credited to one S. V. of Anchorage, it appears it was really authored by Government Communication G2C, a Russian pro-Kremlin think tank with the aim of discrediting the White House's petition system. Nonetheless, I am thrilled that, in addition to the signatory typing now, it has resonated with thousands of other Americans fed up with our unfixable government.

Unfortunately, the signature flow has really slowed down of late, and I doubt it will gain the needed 60,000+ signatures needed for an official response by the April 20 deadline. Oh, if only Sarah Palin or some other leader from Conservatism Inc. would endorse it, we'd have the signature before daybreak!

One amusing thing to come out of the petition is this image of United Russia supporting penguins holding signs in support of Russia annexing Alaska. Many have pointed out that, no, there are really no penguins in Alaska and Russia. However, I have been watching Lupin the III, part II recently, and in episode 88 he entertainingly decided to helicopter in some penguins from Antarctica to impress h
is girlfriend Fujiko. With a feat like Lupin's, the scene CGI'd here could just come to pass!

Here in Massachusetts, which is to say Mordor, the Rev. Scott Lively, our finest, and hence most despised son, has been making headlines again. I first took notice of him again (he challenged Charles Baker in the Republican primary in 2010, which I covered here) shortly after St. Patrick's Day, a non-event in the life of this Catholic not inclined to attend daily Mass, but a major source of shame in western Massachusetts due to the Blarney Blowout at the nearby University of Massachusetts - Amherst. In Boston, meanwhile, the big story was the surprising resilience of the St. Patrick's Day Parade, which continues to refuse to let homosexual "pride" floats into the traditional, Catholic event despite an insane level of pressure, ratcheted up this year as always. Usual sponsors Sam Adams, Guinness, and Heineken even pulled out to please the degenerates, leading the Catholic League to urge a boycott this teetotaler wholeheartedly endorses. While Representative Stephen Lynch and State Rep. Nick Collins, both South Boston Democrats, marched in the parade, numerous Left-wing politicians refused to attend the event, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who launched into a curse-laden diatribe against organizers the week before, and all the gubernatorial candidates, save Scott Lively, seen here with his running mate, who according to Lively's website is an "Inner-City Social Justice Advocate". Dear fellow conservatives, who perennially clamor for a Black conservative leader to vote for to prove their embrace of "diversity", this is your time to shine!

In liberal democracies, voters, and more so non-voters, love to harp about their lack of a real choice (for my favorite example of this, see this uninspired yet irrepeatable YouTube video, The Big Mac). When, from time to time, they are presented with a real choice, with something other than the tired depravity favored by the establishment (this LifeSiteNews article on the 2011 Toronto gay pride parade is a good example; the parade was supported by all levels of government, save Mayor Rob Ford, who broke with tradition by refusing to attend and was mocked by many marchers: I suspect this is the reason the media was so unforgiving about his drug abuse), they denounce the alternative as HATE. With Scott Lively running for Governor of Massachusetts, we Bay Staters, like the inhabitants of Toronto, have a choice too, which I fully expect us to squander because of the squawking from the press and the sodomite lobby.

Less than two weeks later, Lively made a stunning appearance at the Massachusetts "LGBTQ" issues debate organized by MassEquality. As the two Republican contenders failed to show (I doubt this can be interpreted as disagreement with the host's ideals, given the sorry state of the Grand Old Party in the Commonwealth), it was just Lively with Democrats and fellow Independents, all babbling the same lobotomized rhetoric about equality and the need for ever more social programming (in the absence of which "acceptance" of the homosexual lifestyle would end as mores returned to nature). Mmm, but hear some of Lively's remarks during the debate! He is seen here with a reporter; after the show was done they apparently flocked all around him.
Despite the usual liberal interruptions in the hostile hall, Lively somehow managed to make his point. Here's where Russia comes in.

… sexual conduct is not morally neutral -- and has serious public health, sociological, moral implications. It's perfectly rational and reasonable to exercise discrimination on those grounds… I think transgenderism is clearly self-evidently dysfunctional and this it is simply insanity for our society to be embracing it as a normal variant of human sexuality. We should be helping people to overcome this and not encourage those who persist in the delusion.

Have you, my good-natured reader, ever heard a politician speak the Truth so boldly? He is in a "debate" whose purpose was to make every candidate in attendance belt out the Big Lie, and he says it clear as spring water: "Transgenderism" is a "delusion". (How liberals manage to believe transsexuality is natural when you are born into your sex, while homosexuals can be "born this way", I will never know).

If you love Russia, you'll LOVE Lively.

As governor I would ban LGBT propaganda to children. This is a law that I advocated for in Russia. They have found it to be successful for their society. There remains no objective proof that homosexuality is innate and unchangeable despite decades of effort which means that it is an acquired condition. We must assume that that's true and if that assumption is true, then it is extraordinarily irresponsible to be treating our children as guinea pigs in a massive social experiment. They should be protected from the promotion of homosexuality as good, normal alternative choice for themselves.

A little-known fact, but true. In addition to campaigning in Uganda, for which he is the defendant in a spurious "human rights" lawsuit, Lively actually spoke across Russia, encouraging them to adopt the law they so wisely approved last year, earning the everlasting hatred of the queer-owned West. While Lively retains a residual, "patriotic" (sorry for the endless scare quotes, but the way our language has become tainted is unworkable) bias for the United States and its Christian culture versus pre-Revolutionary Europe's, he amusingly explained in a WorldNetDaily piece last month

Let me be clear from the outset that in my view the United States of America remains the gold standard for human rights in the world, and Russia remains an autocratic state with many lingering and greatly disturbing Soviet-era tendencies. On a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the best, the United States is in the high 70s while the Russian Federation is in the mid-50s. The problem is that the United States is rapidly trending downward from a high in the 90s, while Russia has been steadily trending upward from a low in the 30s. [!]

And he himself helped Russia on its ascent, and observes in the linked article that even the politics of the Ukraine crisis were dominated by Russophobia spawned by its rejection of homosexual propaganda.

Who could ask for a better governor? Scott Lively for Governor 2014!


On the more kawaii side of things, have you heard about Natalia Poklonskaya, the Attorney General of Crimea? You can imagine how happy I was to learn that a strongwomen working for Putin is an ongoing sensation among otakus! Proving, as if proof were needed, that anime is an essential in a geopolitical education!

Monday, March 17, 2014

This was a great day for the West, as it was for the East. A mere nineteen days after my last post, and the tide of affairs in the world seems altogether turned. The best efforts, or should I say the foulest machinations, of the liberal-Atlanticist powers to bring Ukraine into NATO and tighten the noose around European Russia are progressively collapsing. Though hardly a democrat, I rejoice with the peoples of Crimea who have elected for annexation into the Russian Federation. They have chosen rightly. Russian by blood and by tongue, the vast majority have this day freely chosen to tie their fate with the one of the world's great powers, and a redoubt of tradition and an economy sure to weather the projected, and seemingly inevitable, collapse of the United States and European Union.

How did it all happen? I am a mere Pundit, and as no prognosticator did not see this happy reverse coming. From the front page headlines, the story appears decisive to the point of drab: Vladimir Putin (a politician whose estimation as the finest statesman of our generation is now set in stone, or bronze as the case may be) recognized that he could send a small military force to wrest Crimea from the puppet regime in Kiev without firing a shot; thus, he was able to secure Russian military bases and reunite over one million ethnic Russians with their homeland. Yet, it must be recognized that none of this would have been possible save for the popular (and nonviolent) resistance by numerous ordinary Crimeans and east Ukrainians amassing to protest the coup regime, whose protests across then-Ukraine found none of the favor our biased press showered on those who set bonfires in the Maidan in Kiev.

In the prior post, it will be recalled or may easily be checked, I had linked to an amusing video of pro-Russian demonstrators running Euromaidan bloviaters out; it turned out to be the first stirrings of resistance to the coup regime. Some resistance was bound to arise, given the humorously West-subservient stooges who found their way into power. As Forbes noted, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the “Yats” of Victoria Nuland's cell call, was duly installed as interim Prime Minister by a vote of 371-1 vote in the existing parliament. Did he have widespread support? Could he win an election? Well, no, but he "is pro-IMF austerity," and hence Washington's natural choice. Some grassroots revolution that turned out to be! President Obama or George Soros could hardly have done better had they been delegated authority to make the appointments openly. The blatant Russophobia of the West-backed regime was also less than delicate; just days into its rule it passed a law scrapping Russian as a recognized minority language. After a furor the regime backed off with the new President's veto, but the change of heart did not fool Crimeans.

Protesters (some of them armed, yet avoiding the street battles seen in Kiev) stormed the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol on February 26, after which Putin ordered military exercises to ready the Russian military for action. When the "unidentified" troops began to pop up across Crimea, they had simply answeree the prayers of a people whose interests were not shared by their new government, which had already been more or less shut down in the region. Unlike the Maidan revolters, the pro-Russian demonstrators were not even occupying their elected government, but merely refusing to switch allegiance to the US/EU imposed regime, and so had recourse to Russia, which continues to recognize Yanukovych as the legitimate President of Ukraine. In other words, they are conservative revolutionaries. As if that weren't juicy enough, Russia's movement of troops into Crimea was legal: according to a 1997 bilateral agreement, up to 25,000 Russian troops are permitted on the peninsula at any one time, so the 16,000 Putin deployed could legally be augmented by 9,000 more before he trespassed on Ukrainian sovereignty. Under their protection, the Crimean people freely voted to join Russia - 95.7% of them to be precise. While that may seem to approach Kim Jong-un levels of support, it may well have been a fair poll. According the the before-linked RT article, and Western media like the Wall Street Journal, the Muslim Tatars largely boycotted the vote, and it can be assumed that many ethnic Ukrainians did so too. Coupled with the tendency to back the victors, it may indeed be possible that 19/20 voters voted for union with Russia.

Rarely reported by our russophobic press, thrilling, yet usually peaceful uprisings against the US-backed regime have been under way for weeks. The Boston Globe called the mood "secession fever." On March 3, protesters occupied the local parliament in Donetsk, and while they were expelled, earlier today they were at it again, storming the local prosecutor's office in rage at the jailing of Russian patriots. To be sure, there have been a few dead from clashes with Kiev regime backers, but still it has reached nothing like the scale during the coup. Near Lugansk three hundred people blocked a railway to prevent the coup regime from mobilizing against their mother country. In Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine, a most colorful scene unfolded as 1,500 to 3,000 people gathered, unfurling a hundred meter Russian tricolor as a leader presented a formal plea to Putin by way of Russia's consul-general.

Protesters, on behalf of Kharkov’s assembly, asked Putin to “guarantee their rights and freedoms” and pass to the United Nations their demands regarding a referendum on the federalization, which they plan for April 27, reported Ukrainian National News (UNN) website. Additionally, activists asked to deploy Russian peacekeepers to Kharkov region, adding that they fear for their lives and property.

There you have it. The free people of Ukraine are literally begging Russia to deliver them from the inept, corrupt, russophobic regime installed thanks to the United States. Putin may be deterred, since the aforementioned treaty evidently did not mention sending troops into east Ukraine, but if he can pull off the maneuver without incurring a war or any like consequences, he has every reason to liberate these people.


Our political class, meanwhile, supports President Obama's meddling in Ukraine with such consensus that even our inveterate Crusader was surprised. I have personally contacted my representative and senators about the matter, urging them to rebuff the new Cold War mentality spouted by Obama and McCain among others, but to no avail. These are the most Left-wing politicians in the country, and yet they still will not abide by the benevolent non-interventionism so many of their constituents support. Representative Jim McGovern is involved in efforts to punish officials in Putin's government for "human rights" abuses, and supports Pussy Riot. Senator Ed Markey, who infamously voted "Present" on action in Syria, here decisively backs Obama's meddling in Ukraine. Not locating a public statement by Senator Elizabeth Warren, I emailed her (her website discourages folks from contacting her by any more meaningful means, such as letters) and she assured me by form response that "I support President Obama's and Secretary Kerry's efforts to encourage Russia to de-escalate the situation. I believe that the United States must continue to support the Ukrainian people's rights to sovereignty and self-determination." We know what that amounts to: more money on behalf of our puppet regime. Even the "conservative" leaders have no shame. Check out the broadsides from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul,  Senators from the country that just hosted the satanic 2014 Grammys both eager to punish Christian Russia for reclaiming a lost province. Indeed, it seems that of our political class, the only sane commentary is coming from ex-Representative Ron Paul, and even the conservative movement has few friends of Russia, among them the tireless Scott Lively.

Our political class is too enamored of foreign intervention (whether by means of war, foreign aid, or covert work to undermine a disfavored government) to ever moderate our foreign policy by itself. The allure of spreading our supposedly desirable liberal democratic governance (the primary function of which seems to be the legitimization of unnatural abominations and weakening of the social structure wherever it goes), along with the boons that come with serving the interests of big business and high finance, prove greater than the political will for change which can ever be gathered. Only an internal compromise, such as the inability to fund our overseas expenditures, or the external inability to simply carry out our will because there is again a rival power we cannot facilely bully, will bring humility and sense to our foreign policy.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The blog  is back.

I am not dead yet, though I feel thoroughly deadened by the collapse of the Yanukovych government in Ukraine. I am gravely disappointed with the people of Ukraine for swallowing Western propaganda and seeking to expand ties with the European Union, just after the Swiss electorate jettisoned the EU's suicidal open borders policy, and Hungary under the honorable Prime Minister Victor Orbán approved a nuclear power development deal with Russia. Alexander Dugin gave an informative analysis of the situation in an interview during the demonstrations, and while the geopolitical guru is ever respectful of the opinions of western Ukrainians, and that many of the protesters are radical nationalists rather than liberals, he recognizes that, in the real world, being truly non-aligned is a virtual impossibility. Sure enough, no sooner had the revolution succeeded, and the Western media proceeded to demonize Yanukovych for merely achieving the luxurious lifestyle glorified by our popular music, than recently released embezzler and seemingly President-in-waiting Yulia Tymoshenko promised the nation would join the EU. At least it is reported that there were hecklers who remembered that her seven year sentence was for abuse of power. Beyond that, I could cite, reported in the same source,

crowds gathering in the east of the country, in Kharkiv, Donetsk and cities in the Crimea denouncing Mr Yanukovych's removal as a conspiracy, threatening the opposition and charging that "criminals and fascists" have taken power.

All very good to know. Yet it cannot be denied that the most vocal and active element of the Ukrainian people, majority Orthodox with a minority of Catholics, arose to depose a ruler who, while flawed, was a solid friend of Russia, which — one hardly need be Orthodox to recognize  is the stronghold of Christendom in the West. Even as I am loyal to the First Rome, the traditional claims of to Third Rome status are with great merit.

That our pro-regime media hates Putin's Russia so very much is a strong indicator of how much he's doing right. As the Media Research Center notes, for every story exposing attacks on Syrian Christians, there were thirteen attacking Russia's law against sodomite propaganda to the young. Despite the venom spewed at the Cossacks for giving Pussy Riot a whipping before they could cause a ruckus, the actions seem to have been immensely popular, if a YouTube count of thumbs is any indication. There is still conscience evident in casual viewers, however ill formed.

As usual, the United States regime and financiers played a significant role in the protests, if not engineering them from the beginning. It is very distressing to hear Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, spouse of Project for the New American Century co-founder Robert Kagan, admit

Since Ukraine's independence in 1991 the United States has supported Ukrainians as they build democratic skills and institutions as they promote civic participation and good governance, all of which are pre-conditions for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations. We've invested over five billion dollars to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will assure a secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine.

Neoconservative/neoliberal Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy, of course, addressed the rioters in Kiev. In addition, it is known that the ever-present George Soros had a hand in the developments, as his Open Society Institute funded Spilna Sprava, a key Ukrainian opposition group that occupied several government offices; the group was called "an integral part of the Open Society Institute network" in a 2009 report. The hand of the Marxist West was evident in the revolution; yet it could not have succeeded had west Ukrainians served as foot soldiers  or had east Ukrainians risen in as one in defense of the president they elected. (Well, at least in the majority Russian Crimea, the Maidan supporters got the treatment they deserved — fun link I promise you!) Alas, as I have come to expect in these epochal events, the Church betrayed Christendom by supporting the rioters, and hence allied itself with the bolshevist West and against Orthodox Russia.

In fact, as you may have noticed above, the "communists" of Ukraine are actually pro-Russian, and opposed the attempted coup from the start. There you have it: The Communist Party of Ukraine is, for all intents and purposes, more conservative than the Republican Party; even they, sharing their tried-and-true criticisms of "bourgeois decadence" with the authentic Right, recognize that ties with the EU means little more than domination by high finance.

Paul Craig Roberts believes the pro-EU groups backed by Washington are not firmly in charge, and that the revolution may unleash Syria style strife, allowing nationalists to take charge, but I pessimistically doubt it. The conditions in the  Middle East are vastly different from those in Eastern Europe, where US foreign policy has a much more successful track record. In Ukraine, it took two uprisings a decade apart to keep one russophile politician out of power. Despite the eventual failure of the First Orange Revolution, with the Second Orange Revolution this nation may have succeeded in gaining lasting control of the country, and severely weakening the position of Putin's Russia. All very depressing.

Our Lady of Fatima, please, pray for Russia and Ukraine. +

Monday, December 23, 2013

Well, today I turn twenty-five. I have always found it an immense pleasure to have my birthday so near to Christmas, such that the calendar year seems to have a second triduum. Every day brings a new confounding gladness or disappointment—and the in between is good too, because an undisturbed mind is perfect for reading—yet weighing all together, I believe mine is among the happiest of human lives. When I consider who I promised to become when I was very young, all else being equal in a New England upbringing during the last American era of peace, and who I am, I have reason to be proud. That resembles the prayer of the Pharisee the Lord thought ill of in the parable... yet He certainly made me different from someone, and whether that was a pure play blessing or a trial I have coped with well, I have reason to be glad.

The reader may have noticed the decreasing frequency of my sonnets. The time when I could churn out one a week, possibly at some cost to quality, is definitely over, perhaps never to return. Indeed, aside from the rare request, the only thing that inspires my verse anymore is the snow. May this work written last week, and already a fine joy for relatives and friends, lead you too to find this a merry Christmas.

Sonnet CLXV 

A snowfall condescends to touch the ground,
Its passage slow, as if all time has slowed.
The fleecelike sky feels less an antipode
Than a gray glove on a forgiving hand.
The grass wears it like a wool coverlet,
Hay brown blades poking through each open stitch,
Each pine tree like the hat of an old witch,
The crone's occult black changed to wholesome white.
A window pane secludes me from this sight.
I sit, the television turned off, warm
Yet drawn, and plan on walking in the storm
In twenty minutes, ten, for fear I might
Stay now awhile, finally leaving but
To find the door of the gray sky is shut.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

So ends one of the means man has devised to the end of his own torment. I shall explain why the above is valid shortly; yet it is more important, first, to provide some context for the discussion to ensue. 

This is to be a tale, a tale of two games.

In 2013, The Game is at least eleven, and not more than seventeen years old. Recently, I finished Eleanor H. Porter's classic novel Pollyanna, and I am currently reading her sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up. As those few, and those fewer young people, fortunate enough to have read said masterpiece will now realize, the Glad Game the eponymous protagonist Pollyanna taught to all her relations and acquaintances, is now in its centennial. Originally called the "just being glad game," and often simply called the Game in the book, with capitals just like the game so popular in our century often receives, Pollyanna's game, like ours, reflects our times. Both we and our forbears a century past lived in the intellectual shadow of Nietzsche and post-Enlightenment nihilism. In our time, however, the experience of the "death of God" has reached the common man, and long has nourished his pessimism. It is not really surprising then that, whereas a century ago America was afire with an early, and I should say sensible and reality-minded, positive thinking philosophy in the form of a game, the world today is obsessed with a meme that embodies a defeatist spirit.

Wikipedia, previously cited, maintains that the psychologically our game "is an example of ironic processing... in which attempts to avoid certain thoughts make those thoughts more persistent." But I think we all know that is not really what is afoot. The example of ironic processing most common in ordinary life is the hungry man willing himself "not to think about food," which may be self-defeating, though sometimes I think the failure to not think about food is just inevitable with a rumbling stomach. Yet thinking about food is merely unpleasant, if not pathetically amusing; it does not make the man thinking about food feel trapped or defeated. Our game, as I see it, is at root about the post-Christian despair which acknowledges a fall, but bears no hope of salvation. It speaks to the soul, and casts light on its harsh sense of alienation and loneliness. No one playing The Game can help others win; an effort to play well, by announcing "I lost The Game," cause others to lose as well. Unconsciously as it operates within the parameters of gameplay, that element perfectly speaks our post-Enlightenment hopelessness that even human endeavor and invention can rescue humanity from its plight.

As it happens, the above poster explaining why the viewer has won The Game illustrates my own reasoning on the matter, which I think has been largely overlooked by the evangelists of our game. 

The interesting thing is, contrary to what the card says, and to what defenders of The Game often mention to discredit victory messages, I will bet that when you read the above, you did not think about The Game. 
Permit me to explain. All you need to do is recall the education you received in primary school. It has been far longer an interval for some than for myself, so I will help you along. You will need remember the distinction between common and proper nouns: in this case, "the game" is a common noun, while "The Game" is a proper noun, with the same relationship as "the city" and "New York". In everyday life, one will realize that common nouns are often used to indicate something proper, and one must first recognize the common before connecting it to the proper. Follow this reasoning:

1--If you can read and comprehend "the city" in context without at once connecting it to "New York," you can read and comprehend "the game" in context without at once connecting it to "The Game."

2--You read, "YOU JUST WON THE GAME!!!"

3--You comprehend that you have just won the game, without at once singling out that you have won the game.

4--Thereby, you have unwittingly recognized your triumph in The Game, without thinking about The Game and thereby losing The Game.


You may ask what has happened between steps 4 and 5. The Game being a mind game, I teach that the goal of The Game is to overcome its ability to defeat the player whenever he thinks about it. As it turns out this is done by a mental maneuver that allows you to think about The Game (proper) as the game (common), and thereby escape losing The Game for thinking about The Game. Visibly, this happens when a player asserts himself over The Game by consciencing his victory over the game (common), without thinking about The Game (proper). Thereby, that player wins the game.

That, even, is only one manner of winning the game. According to the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on The Game, which is too obscene to link on a Catholic weblog, it is posited that "There are actually 2 ways to END the game forever. You would either have to (a) Get the Queen of England to say I lost the game on live television, or (b) steal the Pope's hat. Either would be a completely epic win. Somebody get working on it." Now, when one considers the second one seriously, it becomes clear that the Holy Father is playing The Game as well (theoretically, everyone is supposed to be playing it at all times, according to some rules), and he has his hat. If the same rules apply to Pope Francis as everyone else, clearly he has his own hat and needn't steal it, and The Game is already over because a player, the Pope, has the Pope's hat. Oh well, it was (not) fun while it lasted.

Beyond that, it seems that several forum dwellers have already declared The Game over several times (see here and here), so perhaps it had already ended without the players' knowledge, and this part of the post was unnecessary. 

In any case, the reader will assuredly benefit from familiarity with Pollyanna and her game, the Glad Game. It is a really wonderful game; you will be GLAD to learn it! Well, it has gotten late as I wrote the first part of this post, so I shall be brief. As you may see here, Pollyanna explains the Glad Game as "just find something about everything to be glad about—no matter what 'twas," in every situation. To be sure, with a girl as cute as Pollyanna (felicitously, there is a 1986 anime, Ai Shouji Pollyanna Monogatari, produced about it after it was mostly forgotten in the West, which brings the beauty to life, and which I am currently watching) it would be particularly hard for those she spread the Game to to find something to not be glad about, but we can ignore that henceforth. Pollyanna's original, stock example of playing the Game comes from when she lived in a small town in the West where her father was minister. Often, they depended on donations in missionary barrels for clothing and other needs. On one occasion, Pollyanna cried because she wanted a doll but found only crutches, but her father taught her she could be glad because she did not need them.

A personal attempt at a Glad Game challenge I discovered online here is as below, with my answer following. Pretty keen, eh? I think it'd be swell.

[Q.] You were going to go to the beach but it started hailing outside.

[A.] Be glad to see hail, which is unusual and very pretty; that would console you if you must stay home. But go to the beach anyway with a strong umbrella, and you will get the best spot. Any bruises you get will be fun mementos later.

My favorite example in the original story, however, comes from pages 28-29 of the Barbour and Company edition of Pollyanna Grows Up I am reading. Pollyanna has just enjoyed herself at church, having pulled the gloomy Mrs. Ruth Carew (sister of Della), with whom she is staying, along:

To Pollyanna that Sunday morning service was a great wonder and joy. The marvelous music of the vested choir, the opalescent rays from the jeweled windows, the impassioned voice of the preacher, and the reverent hush of the worshiping throng filled her with an ecstasy that left her for a time almost speechless. Not until they were nearly home did she fervently breathe:

"Oh, Mrs. Carew, I've just been thinking how glad I am we don't have to live but just one day at a time!"

Mrs. Carew frowned and looked down sharply. Mrs. Carew was in no mood for preaching. She had just been obliged to endure it from the pulpit, she told herself angrily, and she would not listen to it from this chit of a child. Moreover, this "living one day at a time" theory was a particularly pet doctrine of Della's. Was not Della always saying: "But you only have to live one minute at a time, Ruth, and any one can endure anything for one minute at a time!"

"Well?" said Mrs. Carew now, tersely.

"Yes. Only think what I'd do if I had to live yesterday and to-day and to-morrow all at once," sighed Pollyanna. "Such a lot of perfectly lovely things, you know. But I've had yesterday, and now I'm living to-day, and I've got to-morrow still coming, and next Sunday, too. Honestly, Mrs. Carew, if it wasn't Sunday now, and on this nice quiet street, I should just dance and shout and yell. I couldn't help it. But it's being Sunday, so, I shall have to wait till I get home and then take a hymn—the most rejoicingest hymn I can think of. What is the most rejoicingest hymn? Do you know, Mrs. Carew?"

"No, I can't say that I do," answered Mrs. Carew, faintly, looking very much as if she were searching for something she had lost. For a woman who expects, because things are so bad, to be told that she need stand only one day at a time, it is disarming, to say the least, to be told that, because things are so good, it is lucky she does not have to stand but one day at a time!

She turns reality from pure doldrums and misery into incessant joy; I am not certain what Nietzsche would say, but to my mind, if there need ever be a "revaluation of all values," this is it. What a remarkable mind was Mrs. Porter's to devise such a wonderful Game!


Be glad you're free. But for those who believe and trust in Jesus Christ--well, we already knew that. We are liberated from our sins by His bloody sacrifice on the Cross, renewed every day in Masses said in His Holy Name across the world. From our very fall, we have arisen in baptism, and we are to share in His Resurrection at the end of the world. The Devil, ever a cunning one, has sought in every age to obscure the salvation of man, and to close him off to Christ by depriving him of hope. It is all too evident, consequently, that The Game is among his proudest lateward works, and that its propagation serves his ends. St. Michael, pray for us.

The Glad Game, while invented by a Yankee schismatic not within the fold of the Catholic Church, outside of which no one at all may be saved, is Christian in substance and spirit. Pollyanna's father reared her in the rejoicing verses of the Bible, which the book claims number over 800, and playing the Glad Game regularly engenders the joy that is befitting the Christian life, while not encouraging the player to ignore real evils or see the present in halcyon.

Direct others to this post. Utterly annihilate their intransigent negativity by demonstrating that they have won The Game, just like you and I have. And, you yourself, go and read Pollyanna, and tell your friends about the Glad Game, just as you might tell them about Jesus Christ. All things considered, I cannot doubt that many souls will be gained or lost for eternity because of their abundance or absence of cheer. In our hour on Earth, all hope does seem sometimes to be lost for the moral squalor the world has fallen into; the lowness of the hour may be confirmed by recalling (or learning about) the remarkable, unprecedented Five First Saturdays devotion, introduced by both Jesus and Mary to Sr. Lucia at Pontevedra in 1925. Those who perform the rather easy devotions, the Blessed Virgin has promised "to assist them at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for the salvation of their souls." Thankfully, our Pundit has completed the devotions, the rewards for which are strikingly disproportionate, as it appears in the strongest language that one is assured salvation so long as he accepts the graces for the same. And hence, in a more worldly way, there is great need for the Glad Game in the 21st Century.

My, my, you must be happy now. Girt with these GLAD tidings, I'll bet you'll stride through every Monday with the excitement of an Amu Hinamori!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Although the worst seems to have been averted for the time being, it is best for the friends of the Assad regime in Syria to continue to counter the pro-war propaganda which has already received some major setbacks. Since last time around I cited several Catholic bishops opposed to intervention on the side of the Al Qaeda-allied rebels, and there is continually a press for more womens' voices in the Church, I will throw the feminist harridans a bone, and cite Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, Mother Superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria. I first learned about her reports to RT here, and the story itself may be read here. She describes in detail brutal massacres of Syrian Christians by the Islamist rebels just before the White House/media campaign for war on the Assad regime was at full bass. Interestingly, she also states that footage of the supposed regime chemical attacks was faked, confirming that as far as the Syrian civil war goes positions often reserved for the Alex Jones crowd in the Occident are commonplace among the leadership of Arabian Christendom. The highlight of Mother's interview is her description of a series of atrocities carried out against several Alawite villages; the Al-Assad family, it should be kept in mind, is Alawite.

In the village of Estreba they massacred all the residents and burnt down their houses. In the village of al-Khratta almost all the 37 locals were killed. Only ten people were able to escape. 
A total of twelve Alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack. That was a true slaughterhouse. People were mutilated and beheaded. There is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive – alive! – by a frame saw. The final death toll exceeded 400, with 150 to 200 people taken hostage. Later some of the hostages were killed, their deaths filmed.  

The perpetrators, it cannot be stressed enough, are on the side the United States (that is, the Evil Empire of our times), along with its satellites Britain and France, currently supports, and the neoconservative hawks and doctrinaire "humanitarian" internationalists together want us to actually go to war for. The popular rejection of the war in Syria before it could be launched has impressed and inspired me, and given me hope in the consciences of the peoples of a country whose "leaders" largely discarded their consciences long ago.


Mired in Anglophilic daydreams, I contemplate a future for America. As a traditionalist critical of free trade, and a constant tea drinker, I ordered two tins of loose tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation, a tea plantation located on Wadmalow Island in South Carolina and owned by Bigelow, a few weeks ago. Though somewhat expensive at $10 per tin, I enjoy tea unadultered, or with the occasional sugar cube, but weak, such that the leaves simply lend a curl to the hot water, and enjoy opting not to use just a pinch or two with each cup, so the tins will last months, and not end up costing more than discount teas. To be sure, this also means that sometimes I cannot distinguish the Charleston Breakfast from the Island Green flavor, but either one is fine. There are also more pricey bagged teas available, as seen in the picture.

As one reads on Wikipedia here the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, which as its name implies was originally cultivated for tea in China; in one of the greatest legacies of the British Empire, it has been grown in India since the 19th Century, and is also produced in Japan, Kenya, and a few other spots. Ordinarily, we think of the United States solely as a consumer of tea, but as I was joyed to learn, it can actually be grown in some of our climates; in addition to the South Carolina production, there is actually a tea grower in Washington state, as well as a smaller producer in Alabama and several growers in the Hawaiian Islands.

Traditionalists frequently criticize free trade, and the effects that outsourcing have had on our balance of trade and our manufacturing. Foods and beverages tend to be more economical to produce at home, so they are understandably deemphasized over the usual technology and manufacturing industries stressed in political discourse. Yet, though the United States ranks a depressing 69th in per person tea consumption (well behind Ireland, Britain, and Canada, and just behind Somalia), nearly all of our tea supply is imported, a fact I am beginning to number amongst our national shames. A national statesman with vision and power, whether a tea drinker or not, would see to it that Camellia sinensis (which, being more a plant than an animal person, I consider to be man's true best friend) was planted across the continental United States, such that our nation became more than self-sufficient in one of its most popular beverages, and any importation of the same would be purely voluntary on the part of the consumer, but would hopefully remain loyal to the domestic product and forego needless and complicating external trade.

Why was I thinking about tea culture? Other than being a proud citizen of the Anglosphere, I have been watching simply the best anime set in Victorian England! I know you never thought I would say this, but move over Rozen Maiden. As readers may recall, a commenter on my excellent post on reading Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel A Little Princess recommended the 1985 anime A Little Princess Sara, which I noted would duly be seen in my quest to become the AniMaster. Having seen, by this time, more than half of the series, I can safely say it is one of the greatest animes of all time. To be sure, I tend to think many of the animes I see are masterpieces, in part due to self-selection as well as because it is currently the moe era of anime, which I consider the stylistic apogee of the art so far; and if all of Nippon Anime's World Masterpiece Theater series are this good, Sara Crewe will have some serious competition!

Originally, I had planned to watch the entirety World Masterpiece Theater in order, beginning with Dodoro and Moomin. However, and to the great rejoicing of my heart, it seems that English subtitles of nearly all the series earlier than A Little Princess Sara are difficult to come by, so I felt quite justified diving in there. As the commenter advertised, the anime is very faithful to the book: there are a few divergences, but they are all in keeping with the spirit of the novel, and the needs of character development. Which are ample: the series stretches some 46 episodes, all covering a single children's book (one imagines the enraptured Sara gazing in wonder as a snail passes by in the grass).

If anything, the characters in the novel, rather than being brought down from their descriptions in the novel to become more believable on the screen, become more reified as they exemplify the same virtues and hateful whims again and again, with little fault or change. For those who know the incomparable story (available in 163 editions and formats, with numerous paperback copies ranging into Like New selling for the magic Amazon minimum price of $4), it could be quite depressing as it developed, but this is something else. A Little Princess Sara gets very hard to watch at times, and is remarkably intense for an anime set in a girl's school with conflict limited to interpersonal drama. In our time, there is a genre of movies, it seems, called torture porn. The best way I can describe A Little Princess Sara is torture without the porn. The viewer takes no pleasure in her continual mistreatment by the Headmistress and Lavinia, and constantly hopes for things to get better. When the series first aired, I can only imagine those who had not read the book had still stronger anxiety for and identity with poor Sara Crewe. Whether in the beginning of middle of the series, Sara is the epitome of elegance; on the Internet, I find however, many of the best pictures are of her friend, Becky the scullery maid.

Though the series aired two good decades before the onset of the moe golden age, and lacks pretty much every anime convention (to the extent that Our Pundit forgets he is merely reading subtitles, he nearly forgets that this masterful portrayal of 1880s London was produced in 1980s Japan), otakus will be more than satisfied by the unbeatable depiction of Sara's doll Emily, whose expression approaches that of a "living doll" in the Rozen Maiden sense. For those by now enticed into viewing the classic for themselves, all the episodes are available, with many thanks to the diligent past efforts of Licca Fansubs (which rightly holds its translation of A Little Princess Sara to be its proudest work), on Veoh. Before I leave you be, since, as I have noted, Sara Crewe's beauty in the anime has not proven amenable to stills, I here reproduce a very cute illustration of the character discovered as I was searching for the other images.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pope Francis be blessed for his leadership in the effort to avert a US military strike in Syria. Opposition to unwise wars is one area where the Catholic Church continues is a strong advocate of good politics. To be sure, pacifism is a kneejerk position among religious leaders, and His Holiness has uttered a few tidbits of nonsense that nowadays pass for common sense, such as "Never has the use of violence brought peace in its wake," but I have noticed that the Church has made able use of its catholic nature throughout the Syria episode. Cardinal Dolan, in particular, has cited the witness of "our suffering brother bishops of the venerable and ancient Christian communities of the Middle East" in a USCCB letter to President Obama on the Syria question.

Vastly shall I be surprised if Washington, by the dint of popular opposition and wholesale abandonment by its allies in the international community, decides to stay out of Syria's affairs and permits Assad, guilty of deploying chemical weapons or not, to crush the rebels as I am rooting for him to do. Edward Markey, this Commonwealth's member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and yet another phony Roman Catholic, was no help. He meekly voted 'present' on the resolution to attack Assad's regime, which passed 10-7-1. Evidently, the supposedly anti-war liberal Democrat could not bear to oppose the President.


Hard as it is to believe, Kodansha Comics USA's recent publication of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is now completed, and after I finish the current volume, featuring Usagi Tsukino holding diminutive Chibi Usa and the still smaller Chibi Chibi on its cover, there will be no more. Well, to be sure, Kodansha has wisely decided to get all it can from the series, and will be releasing the first of two volumes of Sailor Moon short stories in a few days.

Overall, Sailor Moon is a series both truly hackneyed and celestial. I doubt I am the only reader of the manga who was not shocked by the repetitiveness of the action, but rarely lasts more than four pages and inevitably ends with Sailor Moon frying a gorgonish-looking foe with an energy attack. Frequent appeals are made to her closeness to the other sailor guardians, yet she alone is nearly always decisive in battle, requiring no more assistance than to borrow energy for one final blast. Still, the volumes, each chock with elegant female figures, and studded with a brightly-colored prints in the first pages. Sailor Moon's continual recourse to allies from farther and farther out in the galaxy lend it a sort of astrological mystique, while her train of feudally loyal attendants (such as the Amazoness Quartet) and the Greek mythological influence make the series pleasantly aristocratic and quasi-historical. There, too, very silly elements arise, such as the inclusion of the 'Holy Grail', originally Chibi Usa's art project based on the historical Grail, but later used as a weapon by Sailor Moon. Little though it probably resembles the original, how well it would show Jesus's humility, when He volunteered to use the girly cup so the Apostles could forego the embarassment themselves and select more manly tableware!