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Friday, August 02, 2013

[Vladimir Putin, one of the best (and without doubt the coolest) statesman of our times. And a real man to boot.]

Putin's Russia, which I certainly consider one of the best governed nations in the world, is in the news over its recent prohibition on sodomite propaganda geared to recruiting children, once again demonstrating that organized degeneracy controls public opinion in the United States. In the northeast, the cultural center of America whose vision is inevitably forced on the country at large in every generation, nearly every institution, notably including most Protestant churches, openly side with degeneracy against the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. A very visible display of this monolithic support for egalitarian ideology could be seen at Boston's June 8 "gay pride" parade, as reported by MassResistance. Episcopalians, United Methodists, and United Church of Christ (including the congregation of the Old South Church) march alongside the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and assorted dissenters from Catholic doctrine; evidently, these churches are no longer Christian, but simply branches of the LGBT "rights" movement (thankfully, in the realm of intellect removed from policy at least, even the Manchester Guardian is beginning to realize that human rights do not even exist).

[Russophobe sodomites dump Russian vodka before the Russian consulate--and a myriad fawning reporters.]

Following threats of boycotts and facing the prospect of becoming the South Africa of the day, the regime has foolishly backed off its former resolve, and according to a Duma official seem inclined to tolerate freak shows by foreign athletes during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Naturally, this is not a definite statement of non-enforcement, as the final decision would rest with the President, Putin, and I do not believe Christians should be too discouraged considering the pressure the President and his circle are under. Certainly, Russia is today one of the few outposts of Christianity across the globe (incidentally, neighboring Belarus is another), one of the vanishingly rare spots where normal, healthy living and natural love affairs are honored and degenerate "relationships" of every sort spurned.

Take a step back from our own times and situation, dear reader, and wonder at all this. The West is angry at Russia for refusing to allow homosexuals to flaunt their "sexuality" in public. We are brought to the height of our moral indignation over the plight of Russia's poor "gays," and consummate consumers that we are, are stirred to resort to a boycott: a crusade, according to the spirit of our time. This row over the "rights" of sodomites to strut semi-nude and attack marriage is simply one element of a larger rivalry of powers, as Russia continues to befriend the regimes the US seeks to overthrow, particularly the Ba'ath Party regime in Syria, one of the Middle Eastern regimes still hospitable to Christians.

Though both within historic Christendom, what greater contrast could there be than Russia and the West? He who is rightly reproached there, is honored there. A recent story from the UK, in the same moral swamp as its former colonies, encapsulates the sad truth about those the liberal West honors as its heroes. Robert Clothier, an upstanding drag queen of Britain's LGBT community, active in "charity work" for Brighton LGBT Pride and a stage performer at the 2011 Pride Festival, was recently nabbed by police trying to arrange for sex with an 8 and an 11 year old. "And he/she seemed like such a good person, a true advocate of human rights," liberal Britons must have mused in astonishment (though of course, this is what eventually becomes of societies that adhere to "human rights" nonsense. In Russia Clothier would have been jailed for walking on the street in drag.

If the situation does not change, and the Sochi Olympics are not wholly blacked out next year, this may be the first and probably last time Our Pundit shall take a keen interest in that... uggh... sporting event. An inning of baseball, I can watch, but two minutes of those pretentious international games try my patience. But rooting for Russia (and Belarus), and against the athletes unfortunate enough to represent the rotten "West", is enticement enough in these times. (Yeah, the only "sports" I've been watching lately would be Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS「Get goal!」


At first glance, this particular campaign of the egalitarians can make a Western partisan of quality, nobility, and goodness over individualism and depravity quite depressed. The media, as always, frames events according to the Whig version of history, and casts Putin as the loser before the fact. A reality check is always a relief. Turning from the reportage of CNN, MSNBC, neocon FOX New, and the ubiquitous gay/human rights blogs blighting the Internet (I hope Putin shutters them too!), one realizes that Putin is actually really cool. Arguably, he has the best image among young people of any world leader today. Obama, to be sure, has a fine youth image, but after he lost the White youth vote in 2012 that image can be set aside. Putin's cold, strong image, reflective of his realist politics, turn even the most cynical millennials into fanboys once they get to know him. Take Encyclopedia Dramatica for instance, that wholly obscene, Anonymous-attuned humorous wiki which (unlike the broadcast media completely partial to the Liberal Order) attacks the Left with unparalleled wit whenever it covers them. Few are the personalities ED treats with reverence, but Putin, called Bad Vlad (!), is one of them. The above image, which has something of The Godfather about it, hails from DeviantArt. Oh, and Google "Vladimir Putin": one of the suggestions is "badass".

On July 30 Alternative Right ran Third Rome Resurgent, an absolutely amazing piece on Putin's Russia and geopolitics from a traditionalist, Orthodox Christian perspective. Michael Cushman of the Southern Nationalist Network took the article and ran with it, penning the hilariously-named A contrast in pictures: The Empire vs a real nation. Also well worth a read and a chuckle.


Anonymous Truckpump said...

The differences between Japanese and American vidcon consumers are as blatant as the differences between seasons 1 and 2 of Otomoe wa Boku ni Koishiteru (a nod to my fellow Otomoe wa Boku ni Koishiteru enthusiasts). Whereas the Japanese vidcon consumer is informed and discriminating in his or her purchases and endeavors, his American counterpart acts as a foil, stumbling blindly through the vidcon department at K-Mart, groping for the first vidcon with enough explosions or mammaries on the cover to slake their slavering decidedly non-intellectual lusts. Their hunger for Western garbage such as Madden and Halo is fueled by an almost sub-human ignorance that is as profound in the rest of their lives as it is in their choosing of vidcons. This disgusting display of American mass stupidity is no doubt the result of Christian indoctrination, adding another point on the list of reasons why the Japanese are more intelligent than the West, as contemptuous Western culture has left its people with little more than swiss cheese brains and an unquenchable urge for repeat football vidcons.

5:00 AM  
Blogger crusader said...

This looks like a mass-posted message, but not an ad so I'll reply.

Thank you for pointing out Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru to me: it looks really good! And as far as Christianity dumbing the West down, the aforementioned anime takes place at a Catholic school, so the producers can't see it in such a negative light!

5:53 PM  

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